Her Story.

Some stories are always beyond words, so is her’s.

She may be a simple girl, but her thoughts and her life isn’t.

Her heart may long for love, but her life is full of confusions.

Between the chaos of her mind and complications of her desires, her simple yet confused life always surprises her.

This Blog is dedicated to that innocent smile which never fades…

-With Love

Nams! 🙂


00. Meet Meera

Meera is the only child of Sarita and Mohan.

She looks like a geek, dreams like teen, works like lazy and lives with no reason.

She is 23, Still on lookout for some force that could drive her life towards some goal.

Loves food, cuddles her lovely pet Ruby, argues with her mother and cares very less of her Father.

Life is very complicated to her, her simple mind always overthinks making her one of the most confused person.

Her conflicting and fluctuating personality makes it difficult to maintain healthy relationships with family and friends…. and ex-boyfriend, Dev.

Yet, some 4 friends (Sristi, Shruti, Priya, Nidhi) stick around her for reasons even she cannot fathom! Its been 4 years since they are friends, she wants it to be like that for rest of her years. There are few other Hi-Bye friends as well, whom she doesn’t really consider to be “Friends Forever”.

She is also a wasted engineer and aspiring- (yet to decide what she is aspiring about)

1. The Real Break-Up


My heart racing every time I think about him was the best feeling in the world. But, not after today.

I will be seeing him today, so that we would never see each other again. We are breaking up. It was something we did million times in past four years. but it was the first time saying it to each others face.

Is that why long distance relationships sucks? Is that why you should never fall in love with someone over chat before actually meeting them?

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